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DATE: May 21-23, 2018

VENUE:Hotel Splendid - Conference & SPA Resort*****
Budva, Montenegro

The 2BS FORUM (To Be Secure Forum) is an annual high-level forum which deals with issues of global, Euro-Atlantic and security in SEE. The main characteristic of this Forum is the participation of numerous high officials, prominent academics and experts in security policy and related state management. 

The event is a discussing forum or relevance, and high impact, helping not only to promote new thinking, but also help promote tactical thinking in reform efforts in SE Europe, build closer ties between key stakeholders and partners and thus make this region a safer and more prosperous place, able to contribute to global challenges in the future. 

Speakers   at   the   Forum   do not   deliver   their   presentations ex cathedra.  On   the   contrary,   each   panel   is   led   by   an experienced moderator in a dynamic and interactive way, such as a television debate. The moderator is interviewing panelists, while enabling interaction with the audience. 

The target group of the Forum is a number of decision-makers, members of national parliaments, representatives of governments, academia representatives and other key foreign policy and security policy stakeholders.  A very important target group is the corporate sector, chiefs and owners of influential enterprises and companies, who will have the possibility of interacting with government representatives on the solution of current security challenges.

This Forum is a great opportunity for the exchange of views on different matters. Participants have the opportunity to get to know Montenegrin culture and enjoy the national dishes as well as to visit historical and cultural monuments of Montenegro. 

Working languages:English, Montenegrin, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian.


Discover, Experience and Enjoy Montenegro - the Wild Beauty at the Southern Adriatic.