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Greeting message - H.E. Mr. Predrag Bošković

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Greeting message - H.E. Mr. Predrag Bošković

Dear participants of the “To be Secure“ Forum,


It is always a great pleasure to welcome you to the “2BS” Forum, especially this year, when we are engaging in discussions on “The challenges of changing politics and shifting Alliances”, because these are really pivotal times for our future. We face the greatest security challenges for generations, therefore it’s even more important to meet, discuss and address these issues together. Over the years, 2BS has evolved in an important international forum for discussions on contemporary security threats and developments. Many esteemed speakers and security experts will present their respective experience and views in dialog on regional and global issues. The panels will address various topics, from Western Balkans, NATO enlargement, transatlantic bond, Russia and its alliances, up to the importance of Media in relation to democracy and security.


This year will be marked in our modern history as a year when Montenegro officially became a full-fledged member of NATO. The Protocol of Accession is in its final phase of Ratification, paving the way to finish the procedure which started in May 2016. As a member state, Montenegro will pursue the agenda of reforms and modernization and continue to contribute to the regional and global stability and security. Showing our commitment to the overall NATO efforts, we will justify the trust extended to us by the 28 countries and prove to be a credible and reliable Ally.


Alliances have always been built on the basis of common, shared values, principles and strategic interests. The Transatlantic partnership has ensured security, freedom and prosperity for many decades, in both North America and Europe. This profound interest of a stable and secure Europe enabled the integration of Europe as well. Alliances are necessary to respond to a changing security environment and address the uncertainty the complex defence challenges raise. In this particular regard, politics have a crucial role to play. The response to the security threats has to be a joint one and all the important political transitions must take into account the strategic landscape, as they influence not only domestic affairs, but also the international security cooperation.


Sharing information and opinions, in meetings like this one, can help us understand the major implications of changing politics and what they mean for defence, i.e. for our future and regional stability. Let me conclude by wishing you fruitful discussions, as well as a pleasant stay in Montenegro.




Predrag Bošković, MSc

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