The 12th 2BS FORUM, one of the leading politico-security conferences in Southeast Europe, organized by the Atlantic Council of Montenegro, will take place on October 6-8, 2022.The forum will mark twelve years of its efforts to influence, change and shape new and tactical thinking and provide answers for regional and global burning challenges. The 2BS […]

Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro and coordinator of security services, Dritan Abazovic, said that the attempt to bring down the whole security system after the event in Cetinje on September 5 was, for him, the red line that cannot be crossed. The red line occurred after the events in Cetinje, there were no casualties there, […]

Disinformation is a part of a much larger ecosystem of the negative Russian influence and active measures that encompass a lot of different tools, including strategic corruption, that create a network of influences, organized crime that is an instrument of state administration for Russia, use of proxies and Trojan horses as well as the cyber-attacks, […]

Russia is a global power and represents a huge threat for the West. It also seems that the West is not ready to confront this threat, said Ivana Stradner from the American Enterprise Institute while taking part in the 2BS Forum panel dedicated to the new international order and Russia’s role in it. Russia’s strategic […]

The biggest security challenge for the countries relating to China is the Chinese coupling of economic and security issues, said Ian Johnson, Senior Fellow from the Council on Foreign Relations.On the panel about China and Chinese influence, he emphasized that China became the second most important economy in the world and is successfully developing its […]

America has returned to the global scene as a liberal democracy dedicated to the rule of law, liberal democratic values, human rights, but it has also returned as a team player, said Charles Kupchan, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Speaking at a panel on America’s role in the new geopolitical […]

If you want to be a superpower, you need at least three things, a strong economy, a strong army, and strong diplomacy, said the Minister of Defense of Slovenia Matej Tonin at the 2BS Forum. The topic of the panel was NATO and the new security agenda. Tonin emphasized that the EU wants to be […]

Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United States Gabriel Escobar said today that the current Montenegrin Government would have the U.S. support as long as it remained democratic and focused on its European future. Participating at the 11th 2BS Forum, Escobar said that the only solution to the tensions in the Balkans is a European membership […]

Montenegro is not far from the date of accession to the European Union (EU), said the rapporteur of the European Parliament for Montenegro, Vladimir Bilcik, adding that Montenegrin politicians should show that they are ready to endure reforms.It will not be a problem for Montenegro to enter the Union if it does everything it needs […]

The Government will work on everything that was assessed as negative in the report and will try to eliminate the shortcomings to the satisfaction of all citizens, said the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Zdravko Krivokapic. The most important elements are in Chapters 23 and 24, and you state that the best results were recorded in […]