Aleksa Bečić

President of the Parliament of Montenegro

Aleksa Bečić was born in Cetinje. He graduated from primary and secondary school in Podgorica. In July 2010, he graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica. In March 2014, he obtained his master’s degree at the same Faculty, majoring in Accounting and Audit.

For a number of years, he has been active in Montenegrin political scene, holding very significant public offices, while as a leader of several candidate lists, at both local and state levels, he has been continuously achieving excellent electoral results. Together with a team of people and the political entity which he heads, he achieved impressive electoral results in his campaign “Youth. Wisdom. Courage” in 2014 elections, “Victories, not divisions” in 2016 elections, “Either people or criminals” in 2017 elections, “To work. To build. To live”, “Come home, because we have a plan” and “People for the 21st century” in 2018 elections.

He is the founder of the Democratic Montenegro, and he was elected President of the Democrats in their First Congress held on 31 May 2015. At the parliamentary elections of 16 October 2016, he was elected member of the Parliament of Montenegro. In the party’s Second Congress held on 25 May 2019, he was unanimously re-elected President of the Democratic Montenegro.

With such results, the manner of conducting politics, running the party, leadership capacities, he has earned his spot at the very top of the most popular leaders of Montenegrin political scene.

For fifteen years he was active in sports – football. He won two editions of the Montenegrin Cup in the senior category and he’s a former member of the Representation of Montenegro in the junior category.

On 23 September 2020, he was elected President of the Parliament of Montenegro.