Aleksandar Brezar


Aleksandar Brezar is a journalist, factchecker and debunker with experience in a variety of media outlets, ranging from print and radio to television and online/new media. Currently, he serves as senior contributor for Analiziraj, a Bosnian media ethics and anti-disinformation portal. In addition to being the former Brussels correspondent at BHRT (National Radio-Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina), he was also founder and head of the public broadcaster’s New Media department. At Analiziraj, he authors the weekly column “Fake and Spin,” dealing with debunking and analyzing both manipulation in and by the media, and attempts at political spin by domestic and regional politicians. He was an advisor and contributor on several documentaries for PBS, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Al Jazeera English. His work has also appeared in a variety of domestic and international outlets, including Start BiH, Istinomjer, Balkanist, Balkan Insight, Mediacentar and Analiziraj. For his investigative work at BHRT on illegal construction condoned by municipal heads throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 2017 he was awarded the inaugural Balkan Factchecking Award, awarded by Istinomjer and Poynter Institute. He has also won a number of awards in other fields, including two European awards for Preservation of Cultural Heritage Europa Nostra 2016, for his participation in organizing the “Ja sam muzej” campaign for the reopening of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.