Borut Pahor

President of Slovenia

President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor has a degree in political science, with a focus on international relations. During his long political career, he has been elected member of the European Parliament, and has served as President of the National Assembly and Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia. In December 2012, he was elected the fourth President of the Republic of Slovenia by 67.37 per cent of voters and in November 2017 he was re-elected for a second term.

Throughout his political career, President Pahor has remained a staunch believer in the ever-closer Union, united, free and in peace. He sees the future in a more closely integrated Europe, competitive in the global market and better equipped for coping with global challenges. To achieve this goal, he believes that Europe needs to define its long-term vision, which can only be done through a broader debate – through a new Convention. President Pahor sees a long term vision in the so-called »United States of Europe«, a sui generis political Union founded on the consensus of all its citizens. The course of further integration in Europe cannot follow the US pattern of »melting pot«, but its own unique concept of federalism based on the balance between unity and diversity.

President Pahor is concerned that in the absence of a long-term vision the EU might experience gradual loosening of common policies and loss of citizens’ trust in the united Europe, which could undermine the foundations of peace, safety and prosperity on the Old Continent.