Jakub Kalenský

Senior analyst, Hybrid Centre of Excellence, Helsinki

Jakub Kalenský has joined the Centre’s Hybrid Influence COI as a senior analyst focusing on safeguarding democratic processes. Jakub has specialized in disinformation and Russian hybrid activities since 2015 when he joined the newly created East StratCom Task Force in the European Union’s diplomatic service, the EEAS. In the team, Jakub was responsible for raising awareness about Russia’s disinformation campaigns, and he and his colleagues founded the EUvsDisinfo campaign.

In 2018, Jakub joined the Atlantic Council, where he worked in the Ukrainian Election Task Force, and in the Digital Forensic Research Lab, where he focused on Russian disinformation and the countermeasures against it. In 2019, he testified in the US Congress on Russian disinformation attacks in Europe. Before specializing in countering disinformation, Jakub worked as a journalist in the Czech Republic.