Jason Jay Smart

Special Correspondent, Kyiv Post

Jason Jay Smart, PhD has worked with senior political leaders across the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Smart served on two US Presidential campaigns, including that of Senator John McCain (2008). Smart is a noted expert in post-Soviet politics, and specializes in applying quantitative and qualitative data analysis in the development of offensive and defensive political strategies, especially those related to fending-off, or rebuilding after defamation, or other character attacks. 

Smarts international work has included advising presidents, parliamentary parties, governmental bodies, and was an outside expert on the development of a national constitution. Smart formerly was the Country Director for the International Republican Institute (IRI) in countries of the former Soviet Union, including Russia, which led to him being banned from entering Russia, for life, in 2010. Smart continues to actively support the Russian democratic opposition. A much sought-after speaker, Smart has given over 300 televised interviews and frequently writes on political subjects for the international press. His BA, MA, and PhD are all in political science relating to the former Soviet Space.