Josip Šarić

TV Reporter

Josip Šarić is a Croatian TV reporter. He graduated from the Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb, and attended the Media Training Center and the School of Journalism in Missouri, USA.

In his career, he worked for the Croatian Radio Television (HRT), Al Jazeera and RTL Croatia. As of this fall, he is switching to a new regional news channel (still in formation) UNA TV.

Specialized in foreign policy reporting, he has reported on the wars in Iraq, the Middle East, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Georgia, Ukraine …

He also covered elections in the United States, Russia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Israel, Germany and many other countries, including NATO and EU summits.

He is author of 9 documentaries on various topics (Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Trans-Siberian Railway, Route 66, Illegall Immigrants, North Korea, Life Abroad).

He is the winner of three awards of the Croatian Journalists’ Association for reporting in addition to the main award – journalist of the year in 2012.