Sifet Podžić

Minister of Defence of BiH

Date and place of birth: 1 May 1959, Žepa
Marital status: Married, father of two children
 Primary School, Sarajevo Military High School
 Military Academy in Belgrade
 Postgraduate study at the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo, Master of Political
Science in Diplomacy
 PhD 2013 on “Relations between BiH and NATO in a comparative perspective of the
Western Balkans”
 European Security Studies at the Marshall Centre in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
 Battalion commander in Postojna, Ljubljana and Sarajevo
 During the war in BiH, performed the duties of Battalion Commander, Deputy
Brigade Commander and Brigade Commander in the BiH Army in Sarajevo

 Deputy Commander of the Rapid Action Brigade of the first operational unit of the
Army of the Federation of BiH
 Chief of Staff and then Commander of the 5th Corps of the Army of the Federation of
BiH in Bihać
 First Chief of Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Chief Advisor to the Defence Reform Commission
 Military Advisor to the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH Ambassador to the
Republic of Bulgaria
 Delegate to the House of Peoples of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly
 Member of the Joint Commission for European Integration of both Houses of the BiH
Parliamentary Assembly
 President of the Joint Defence and Security Commission of both Houses of the BiH
Parliamentary Assembly
English and Slovenian