Tatiana Shakleina

Professor, MGIMO – University

Professor T. Shakleina is a well-known Russian specialist in International and American studies. She got her PhD degree in IR and Doctorate degree in political science at the Institute of the USA and Canada studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, where she worked as Head of the Department of foreign policy studies till 2007. Since 2007 she has been Chair of the Department of Applied International Analysis at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO – University), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. She is supervising master programs to prepare specialists for diplomatic, business, journalistic, analytical spheres.

For achievements in academic studies and teaching Professor Shakleina got prestigious awards: «Academician E. Tarle Award in History» by the Russian Academy of Sciences (2006); Badge of Honor of the Security Council of the Russian Federation for comprehensive research of security issues (2012); Badge of Merit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and Badge of Merit of MGIMO University (2016); Medal «For the Development of Science» named after Great Russian Philosopher Ivan Ilyin (2017); Medal «For Sacrificial Service» (2017); Special Diploma in honor of 75th Anniversary of MGIMO University (2019).

Since 2006 T. Shakleina has been included into «Marquis Who’s Who in the World», and since 2007 — into «Dictionary of International Biography» (Cambridge, Great Britain).

Professor Shakleina has more than 300 publications in Russian, English, Hungarian, and Greek.