Thomas O’Donnell

Energy & Geopolitical Expert

Dr Thomas Wilfred O’Donnell works on energy and geostrategy.  He is a nuclear physicist (PhD U Michigan, USA), international academic, expert analyst and writer. He blogs at

Dr. O’Donnell’s work often includes the USA, EU, Russia, China and OPEC states of the Middle East and Latin-America. 

He frequently teaches post-graduate seminars in Berlin on “Geopolitics of the Global Oil and Gas Markets,” and on “Present and Historical European Energy Transitions.”  He previously taught at The University of Michigan and at The New School University in New York City. 

Dr O’Donnell frequently appears on international TV networks especially Al Jazeera, Deutsche Welle (Germany), Asharq (Bloomberg/Doha), EuroNews, TVP (Poland), on Argentina Radio and is quoted in The New York Times, Financial Times, the German and Latin American press.

He speaks English, Spanish and German, and resides in Berlin with family. His research and consulting is especially via personal contacts with industry and diplomatic actors.