Miodrag Vlahović

Montenegrin Ambassador to the Holy See, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro

Born in Djakovica, Kosovo, 1961. Lawyer, Law School in Podgorica, University of Montenegro. Post-graduate studies in Leiden, Holland, 1991. Founder and conceptualist of STUDEKS (“Students’ Experiment”) Cultural Center, in Podgorica (then Titograd), 1985; International Secretary & member of federal presidency, Socialist Youth Union of Yugoslavia (SSOJ), Belgrade, 1986-1988; Founder, Citizens Committee for Peace (Montenegrin Peace Movement), 1991-92. Organizer of the first peace rally in Montenegro, July 17, 1991; International Secretary, Liberal Alliance of Montenegro (LSCG), 1992-1993; Member of Parliament (Republic of Montenegro),1992-1994; Columnist, “Monitor” weekly, 1991-1993 & 1999-2000; Founder-member of CEDEM – Center for Democracy & Human Rights, 1998; Director, CeRS – Center for Regional Studies, 1999; President, Movement for Independent Montenegro, May-November, 1999; Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro, July 2004 – November 2006; Ambassador of Montenegro to USA, Canada and Iceland, December 2006 to July 2010; President of Cdu, Montenegrin Democratic Union, June 2014 – November 2016; Columnist, daily “Pobjeda”; from 2014. From October 2017 Ambassador of Montenegro to the Holy See and to the Order of Malta, in Rome.