Rufin Zamfir

Programmes Director, GlobalFocus Centre, Romania

Rufin Zamfir is a Programmes Director at GlobalFocus Centre, with a professional focus on Security issues.
He coordinates the programme on Security and Asymmetric Threats (radicalisation, terrorism, hybrid war, cyber warfare) and the subsequent projects “Comparative study of Russian pressure and propaganda in Black Sea regionand “Dimensions of risk and vulnerability in the Western Balkans (WB6), leading to permeability to information warfare and non-military pressure”. Rufin also coordinates research activity on the Balkans area, organises and participates in thematic events and produces analytical content – policy papers, publications etc. He’s a former Intelligence officer in the Romanian National Intelligence Service/SRI, with 10 years of experience, both on operative and analytical domain. Rufin Zamfir has a Masters degree in Communication at the National School of Political and Administrative Studies in Romania (graduation thesis on Dialogue for Normalisation of Serbia-Kosovo relations) and a Certificate in Terrorism Studies at St. Andrews’ University, Scotland. He is a constant contributor to FP/Foreign Policymagazine, Romanian edition and a passionate geopolitical analyst and writer. He is invited as an analyst on TV shows (in both Romania and Republic of Moldova), in conferences and public events. Prior to working for Global Focus Centre, he was Western Balkans analyst at the Centre for Conflict Prevention and Early Warning, where, among other projects, he wrote regular weekly analyses of evolutions in the Western Balkans (including risk assessment and policy recommendations) for CPCEW’s strategic analysis newsletter. Rufin is also a Strategic Analyst, having directed and implemented projects in Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria.