Mircea Geoană, NATO Deputy Secretary General: We are here for Montenegro and the Balkans

The first keynote address on the 12th 2BS Forum was by Mircea Geoană, NATO Deputy Secretary General. He emphasized NATO’s commitment to ensure peace in the Balkans through the KFOR mission. Resolution 1244, which governs KFOR, remains where it was. We will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure a safe and secure environment for the residents of Kosovo, but we know that what will provide lasting peace is the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade and the coexistence of all communities; that’s why freedom of movement is necessary, emphasized Geoană.

He also reminded us that Russia started a terrible war with consequences that are still ongoing. Zaporizhzhia and other regions the size of Portugal are annexed to Russia. NATO will never recognize this illegal and illegitimate land grab. Also, this nuclear rhetoric has escalated because the war is not going as Russia imagined. After all, Moscow is a strong opponent and an opponent of ordinary people, said the Deputy Secretary General.

This situation, he said, is unprecedented, and that is why it has caused unprecedented help. When it comes to Montenegro, Geoană said that our country and the Alliance are there for each other. We are here for Montenegro and the Balkans. Soon NATO family will be 32 nations strong, so we will be a big family and the most successful Alliance in history on two continents. Russia may be the most significant security threat, but this is not the only challenge. There are many such as terrorism as a source of instability, conflicts in Africa, and the Middle East, China’s current policies and ambitions, emerging technology, and climate change. All of this threatens our security and tests our resilience, so we must be strong, agile, and united. This will preserve us in an increasingly dangerous world, said the NATO Deputy Secretary General.