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2BS Forum 2023 Summary
Milatović: In the process of forming the Government, program principles were omitted; it is not for me to say who should be in it
After the end of the war, the security landscape in Europe will no longer be the same
The consequence of the Russian aggression is a fear that anything is possible
The military rise of China remains unclear, and authorities prefer to resort to cyber warfare instead
Putin is fighting not only against Ukraine but also for his own political survival
Kentera: The situation in the security sector has never been worse
Increasing Defense Spending - A Path to Greater Security
Stability in the Balkans has always been a priority in U.S. policy
Guarantees will be provided to Ukraine that the events of 2014 and 2022 will not be repeated
The EU is more prepared for the Balkans than the Balkans are prepared for the EU
Montenegro's Political Maze: The Danger of Entrances that Lead Nowhere