Aleksandar Musić

Political and Media consultant

Aleksandar Musić (M.A. in Political Science) is a political consultant from Croatia. He has authored and operationally implemented over a dozen political campaigns – euro-parliamentary, parliamentary, local and presidential. He has consulted political parties, ministers, state secretaries, MEPs, MPs, COOs and CEOs. He prepares clients for high-intensity public and media appearances, including crisis-related situations and political debates. His consultancy produces tailor-made regional political and business intelligence for clients from Politics, Finance, Energy, Tourism, Pharma and IT: stakeholder visualizations, political profiling, risk, crisis, sector and pre/post-electoral analyses.

He regularly comments on political strategy, positioning and cultural warfare in Southeast Europe. A lecturer in Political Marketing, PR in Politics and Personal Branding and a longstanding co-host of the region’s most popular politics and culture-themed TV show – Peti dan (The Fifth Day).