Péter Sztáray

State Secretary for Security Policy, Hungary

Mr. Péter Sztáray was born in Hungary, 1967. 20thof April, Budapest. He finished at ELTE University Budapest, Faculty of Law in 1993, and atVienna Diplomatic Academy in 1994. Mr. Sztáray is currently the State Secretary for Security Policy in the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Mr. Sztáray was Political Director and Deputy State Secretary from 2010-2013. He became Deputy Director (2007-2009), then Director (2009-2010) for Security Policy and Non-proliferation Department. In 1996, he became Political Officer at the Hungarian Mission/Permanent Representation to NATO, in 2003 Deputy Permanent Representative to NATO and Permanent Representative of Hungary to NATO between 2013 and 2018. Mr. Sztáray was the Desk Officer for NATO and the WEU in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1993-1996, and Head of NATO Section between 2002-2003. From 2000-2002, he was the Deputy Director for Western   Europe Department. Mr. Sztáray is married to Éva Kézdy-Sztáray (PhD), and has three children: Júlia (1999), Ilona (2003), Félix (2005).